After years of travel between her hometown of Paris, New York, Madrid and Marrakesh, constantly collecting small objects and reimagining vintage clothing, Parme Marin founded her eponymous line of eclectic accessories in 2013.

Marin is the living embodiment of her designs, mixing the minimalism of cosmopolitan New York with the detailed opulence of Morocco. Just like her eclectic sourced materials, she finds inspiration everywhere. Tribal aesthetics to African textiles, 1930s architecture, art deco, and artists such as Daniel Buren, all contribute to designs. This passion for the arts and craftsmanship is palpable in her combining of found and artisanal materials from markets around the world. Bold, quirky and not afraid to play with color and patterns, the Parme Marin woman is modern and unique.


Parme Marin was recently listed in the 16th shoe talent of 2016 by Women’s Wear Daily. Headquartered in New York City, mindful and conscious practices are at the heart of our company, with an approach based on sourcing natural materials, minimizing waste and creating reusable packaging.