We are committed to artisanal and sustainable practices.


With our enduring partnerships with artisans in Morocco, we are helping the local economy by encouraging and creating opportunities for entrepreneurs to build their businesses, training new talent, and bringing back to life ancient techniques and materials. We design high hand reusable packagings for a recycling purpose.  Our limited volume collections and one of a kind item production ensure quality products with minimal environmental impact. 



The handmade process is at the core of Parme Marin’s ethos. Both in the use of bold patterns and shapes as well as premium quality small batch or antique materials, one finds a bespoke feel in the handmade construction of each piece. The signature touch of the maker is also present, which is why Marin works directly with wood workers, sterling silver masters and multigenerational family-run shoemakers to create the singular designs and ensure their utmost quality. 



Sourced during constant travels, the eye-catching materials and fabrics used come from many locations such as France, India, Japan and local Marrakesh Souks. Combining these Moroccan artisan materials such as hand dyed leather, wood and bone with sourced materials such as semi-precious stones, beads, ribbons, and feathers from around the world, the designs reinterpret the eclectic materials into accessories for the modern woman.